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sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2017

Lifestyle Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘La La Land’

Other than winning almost all of the awards in the Golden Globes Award Ceremony, that was held just a couple days ago, the film can’t really be described with one single genre, it can be a comedy yet it houses sorrowful moments, it could be a musical yet the drama within seeps through. The film will be hitting the theatres on 26th January 2017, before that let’s see what’s worth watching within the film that everyones talking about.
The script was 6 years old when it finally got its big break

It was written back in 2010 but did not get the backing until 2016 after Chazelle released the Oscar winning movie Whiplash
The leading roles were proposed to Miles Teller and Emma Watson initially

It was first decided that Teller from Whiplash to take the lead role, but after both withdrew their parts, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone received the roles
J.K. Simmons who won the Oscars for Best Supporting Actor makes an appearance

The actor from Chazelle’s previous film makes a quick cameo
Ryan Gosling is actually playing the piano

To prepare for his role Ryan Gosling actually went for piano lessons and plays the tunes in the movie by heart without needing a double
All the dances were unbroken on-camera sequences using only one camera

The dance sequences were shot in one go, there were no safety net to fall back on

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