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quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2022

Ukraine-Russia Cyber Warzone Splits Cyber Underground

The Russia-Ukraine cyber warzone has split the Conti ransomware gang into warring factions, leading to a Ukrainian member spilling 60,000 of the group’s internal chat messages online. 

On Monday, vx-underground – an internet collection of malware source code, samples and papers that’s generally considered to be a benign entity – shared on Twitter a message from a Conti member saying that “This is a friendly heads-up that the Conti gang has just lost all their sh•t.” 

The gang has also, apparently, lost a cache of chat data: the first dump of what the poster promised would be multiple, “very interesting” leaks coming from Conti’s Jabber/XMPP server.

“F•ck the Russian government, Glory to Ukraine!” the Conti member, who’s reportedly believed to be Ukrainian, proclaimed. Threatpost advises caution about clicking on any links provided in social media messages: They are, after all, provided by a ransomware group and should be treated with kid gloves.

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