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quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2022

Data Breach Alert: Ethos Technologies, Inc.

Recently, Ethos Technologies, Inc. confirmed that the company was the target of a sophisticated cyber attack. As a result of the attack, the names and driver’s license information of as many as 13,300 people were compromised. The data breach lawyers at Console & Associates, P.C. are actively investigating the security breach. As a part of this investigation, lawyers are interviewing those victims of the Ethos Technologies data breach who are interested in determining what harm was caused as a result of the incident and what their potential remedies may be. If it turns out that Ethos Technologies failed to adequately protect consumer data, affected parties may be able to bring a data breach class action lawsuit against the company.

Often, data breaches are the result of a hacker gaining unauthorized access to a company’s computer systems with the intention of obtaining sensitive consumer information. While no one can know the reason why a hacker targeted Ethos Technologies, Inc., it is common for hackers and other criminals to identify those companies believed to have weak data security systems or vulnerabilities in their networks.

Once a cybercriminal gains access to a computer network, they can then access and remove any data stored on the compromised servers. While, in most cases, a company experiencing a data breach can identify which files were accessible, there may be no way for the company to tell which files the hacker actually accessed or whether they removed any data.

While the fact that your information was compromised in a data breach does not necessarily mean it will be used for criminal purposes, being the victim of a data breach puts your sensitive data in the hands of an unauthorized person. As a result, you are at an increased risk of identity theft and other frauds, and criminal use of your information is a possibility that should not be ignored.

Given this reality, individuals who receive an Ethos Technologies data breach notification should take the situation seriously and remain vigilant in checking for any signs of unauthorized activity. Businesses like Ethos Technologies are responsible for protecting the consumer data in their possession. If evidence emerges that the company failed to adequately protect your sensitive information, you may be eligible for financial compensation through a data breach lawsuit.

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